Chris Fieldhouse Photography.: Blog en-us (C) Chris Fieldhouse Photography. (Chris Fieldhouse Photography.) Thu, 28 Jun 2018 18:15:00 GMT Thu, 28 Jun 2018 18:15:00 GMT Chris Fieldhouse Photography.: Blog 75 120 Wildlife in the Garden Sorry it has been a while since I did a blog post, so here is a brief one.
I have to admit our back garden is a total mess. I don't really have much of a green thumb, plus the fact that here in central Texas for most of the year the weather is set to "Broil" so any attempt to do any gardening or even enjoy the garden will usually result in me collapsing from heat stroke, only to be then swamped by vampiric mosquitoes, leaving behind a dehydrated husk. OK, enough about why we don't maintain our garden.
Garden may be a mess, but it is a wildlife refuge, and that to me is a big plus. Each spring we have Does and their young in our garden for safety, but this year we saw a faun no more than 18 inches tall and freshly bathed, so we assumed newly born.
Following day we saw a pair of fauns together, so the new born had a sibling/friend. well apparently Deer are such social creatures that if a faun is 'orphaned' a doe will take it on and raise it as her own. We have decided to Call them "Josh" and "Ethan" (for obvious reasons, well maybe not obvious to a casual reader, but believe me, its an inside joke with friends that pays off in the humour department, thank you very much).
Normally I will just watch them frollic thru the garden and not try and catch a photo, but this one time it stood there almost challenging me to photograph me. So got this picture of one of them yesterday - this is obviously "Josh" cos of his little beard...

This first picture is the "as-is" from the raw file.

One of the challenges I faced after taking this picture was how to 'process' or 'tidy' it. 

Now I always photograph using RAW (I was going to say "photograph in RAW", but then realised how that could so easily be misinterpreted) to give me maximum post-processing flexibility. So the issue I faced was that since this was a nature shot I had to keep the appearance natural, but I knew that it needed a little 'tune-up' work BUT I just knew that this picture would be sensitive to adjustments and that there would be a fine line between 'perfect' and "well, it just looks fake".

So I opted to keep it simple, just raise the colour saturation a notch to bring out the Auburn colour out on his fur without bringing up too muchof the green in the background foliage (that was where any over processing or 'fake-ness' would appear). Also I wanted to nudge up the contrast slightly so that the colours on the legs were more noticeable and the dappled markings would be more distinct. I hope you like the end result.

In case you are wondering, we also have racoons and possums in our back garden (racoon cubs are adorable, they are curious and make noises like ewoks). We have even had birds, including Cardinals, build nests in our hanging baskets. don't believe me, this was one such hanging flower basket by the front door many years ago (this was with an old point-n-click camera while looking thru our front window at the Cardinal chicks)...

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More fun & unusal things to do in Austin Last May, I wrote about the delight of visiting a Synagogue and participating in the transcribing of a new Torah.

Well during the first weekend of November is when the Pow-wow is in Austin. If you have never been, it is a wonderful experience. A pow-wow is a coming together of Native Americans/ First Nation of various tribes for celebration and competition.

One of the funny parts is that because it is the same weekend each year, the same annual football games happen and in the case of the Austin Pow-wow it is on the same day as an OU-OSU game. Why is that worth mentioning, well a significant number of participants come down from Oklahoma and so support one team or the other - result is that between each competition the MC is keeping everyone up to date on the latest scores. Quite funny really.

Anyway, one of the things we really enjoy going to the pow-wow for is the see the dance competitions - in the past I have avoided taking pictures during the competitions, since I did not want to be a distraction, but this year the organizers were quite open about not only allowing photography, but encouraging it, and so I shrugged by shoulders and took photos with gusto.

Lighting was low, plus I wanted to use as fast a shutter as I could because the the speed of the movement, so that forced me to use quite a high ISO (with the noise issues that brings with it) and a middle range aperture (would rather have used a small aperture to maintain maximum focus, but it was one of those tough decisions).

The Ladies shawl dance is always delicate and elegant and this lady in particular was caught in that hawk like "swoop" 

Juxtaposition in a composition is always fun and so to see a Native american in their full outfit filming with an iPhone - it would have been wrong to not have taken the picture...

We hadn't been to the pow-wow for a couple of years, and so we were absolutely delighted to see so many young people keeping the traditions alive. The mens "Fancy" contest is always a dynamic competition where the energetic dancers create a dervish of colour.

Another member of the same competition - I did not envy the judging...

This warrior, WOW!
not only does he look the part, his whole demeanor and energy conveyed the power of the warriors story telling dance. The second photo of him, at the moment the dance ends - he stopped starring right at me, yet I caught him in the moment where he had frozen, yet the material of his dress was still in motion for just a split moment. The intensity of his look - if I encountered him in the wilds of Texas over a 100 years back, I would have fled in fear.

While thrilled to see new blood keeping these traditions going, it is also wonderful to recognise those individuals who come and dance each year. We have probably seen this noble gentleman at the pow-wow for 20 years now, and each time we are just spell bound by his performance...

So, next year, first weekend in November, make a plan to go to the pow-wow - you will enjoy yourself...


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Happy "Brexit 1776" Growing up in the UK, there was never an actual day of "National Identity", the closest we got was "Bonfire Night" on November 5 where we celebrate the attempt to assassinate the King and Parliament, but it certainly was not a national public holiday (Its a British thing, part of our sense of humour, just roll with it)..
But it was a totally different experience when I lived in Norway. A country which for several centuries was either a province of Denmark and then following the Napoleonic wars, part of Sweden (with an attempt at independence during the transition period in 1814), but finally returned to being a sovereign country in 1905. So Norway is both a young country, with a long history, and their National day is May 17 to commemorate the 1814 declaration of independence.
It was always a fun day, with every one waving flags, actually my first year theire, I was awoken early because I lived in a house by the Fjord and one of the Norwegian naval ships fired a 21 gun salute, which could not be slept thru!
I was reminded of the "Syttende Mai" celebrations today when we went to watch the Northwest Hills July 4th parade in Austin. Austin celebrates the 4th in the way that Austin always does best, patriotic on the one hand, but fiercely independent (but oh so very Austin) on the other...
We had the coordinated display of the NorthWest Hills Lawn Chair ladies, the kids on the floats with super-soakers - and the Sheriffs constable on duty daring them to soak him (Texas, July - you do the math), vintage cars and general frivolity (and a full memory card!!).
In Hindsight, the closest we got to something like this in my lifetime while I lived in the UK was back in 1977, when we had street parties for the Queens Silver Jubilee (which was the year after the USA Bi-centenial, hmmm)..
So to you all Happy July 4th, or as one person who pinged me to wish me a happy "Brexit 1776"!!!

OK, now when I saw this proud dad walking in the parade, my reaction was instantly - "Isn't this what 4th July is really about?"

And the Northwst Lawnchair ladies, in synchronised march..

And synchronised sitting...

And there was some awesome Vintage car porn...

May I point out this next car is painted "British Racing Green"? In fact "MG" is/was a British make...

Anyone remember the cartoon series "Whacky Races", and the car full of 1920's Chicago mobsters?

It was fun seeing the kids with their super soakers, altho of course I did notice I gotten this picture until reviewing later. Wish I had got the followup photo as well...

And the last picture of the day comes under the title of "yeah - thats so very Austin..."

PS, no offense intended by referring to it as "Brexit 1776" - in fact we have a dinner party coming up among friends where it is our turn to host, and since it is right after 4th July we are cooking a full traditional English Roast dinner to celebrate...

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Trying out a new Studio in South Austin Now, while I can have clients come over to my humble (and somewhat cluttered) abode for a photoshoot, we do not have a dedicated space that allows us to get truly creative. Yes, we can handle family shoots, headshoots/portraits and boudoir, but for something really elaborate, to really push the skills a studio would be nice.

And finding a suitable studio, especially one that is easy to get too, and provides a level of 'comfort' for the client as well as inspire to do new and unusual things can be darn difficult. Yes, we have a few studios in Austin but each will meet 2 out of the 3 requirements. Yes, its conveniently located, yes brilliant lighting setup ... not sure I would be comfortable taking a client there, or an amazing space, client would love it ... its where exactly!?!? But thats halfway to the next state (or so it would feel like).

Anyway, I was excited when I saw on Facebook earlier in the year a new studio open up on the south side of town. well I'm on the North side, but then again, I did work and commute in London for a few years and this place is actually within the city limits, so thats no big deal. So, wanted to check it out, arranged with a model some quite elaborate ideas of what we wanted to do, a few emails later with the Studio Manager and BAM!! All booked.

Now I only decided to do a blog post at the last moment and would need some quick pictures, so please forgive me, I had to flick it over to creative, purely for convenience...

At the moment, they are still building up their equipment, but they had more than I needed for my crazy brain to work with.

Now first off, they have a variety of lighting equipment, a full range of power, configured for controllers as well as slave mode, so if I wanted to use every available light in the place to mimic the flash of a nuclear explosion, I guess I could. I was going to be doing some high key work, so it was tempting to rig them all up...

Now they are building up a nice collection of furniture pieces, ranges from a rather nice antique coffee table, a chaise-lounge, even a bath tub, all available for an extra charge. But today, nope got my own stuff.

A comfortable changing room with half-bath. Yes, that would certainly make a client happy.

Now this is what I was really here to try out, that awesome white infinity wall. They have a grey one too and they currently are installing a backdrop system. This is Adam McCombs doing an impromptu modelling of the space for me. Adam and his wife Esther Lee are the owners of the new studio.

But it was that white infinity wall I wanted to play with, and as you can see I didn't wait for the model to arrive before trying it out. My picture frame, easily hung it up and deliberately left it askew.


In the end, we had such fun there, that after 3 hours, and 900 photos, we were exhausted, but we did so much. So much of what we did was experimental (well for me anyway), we just had a blast. Now I have to review and edit those 900+ photographs

So check them out.
or on facebook

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Gay Pride-Vienna 2014 This is Gay-Pride month where many cities around the world celebrate inclusiveness and collectively thumb their noses at ... well, no need to go there I guess, lest I offend.

Anyway, for one reason or another I have never been to a Gay Pride Parade - I don't actually recall seeing any or whether there were any during the time I lived in London or Oslo, and for the longest time the Austin Gay-Pride was always scheduled the same weekend as the Texas Bikers Rally and in the heat of summer (what was really surprising was there were never any altercations between the two groups... but that's Austin for you, plus summer is really just too darn hot to altercate in)

Anyway, back in 2014 I was turning *mumble* *mumble* *mumble* and to celebrate my birthday, we were going to Vienna, in June. And one day, when out exploring the city (I had only owned my Canon DSLR for a year at that point), the city centre was closed off to traffic for Gay pride.
All I can say is that those Austrians certainly know how to celebrate and it was definitely an eye-opener. This was also my first opportunity at doing Street Journalism.

And so for all my LGBT friends out there, here is my homage to you all, Vienna 2014! CHEERS...

This lady was at the front of the parade, literally leading the charge, and no matter what you may think, you cannot deny the poise and elegance, that she conveys. That's when I realised that I couldn't possibly miss this.

At this point, I was still only using the kit lenses that came with the camera, it would be a year or two before investing in some good lenses, but looking back I can see the challenges with picture quality. However I did not touch up those colours in any way, they were truly that brightly painted, they looked amazing ... and they knew it!

Up to this point I had politely stood on the sidewalk, but I so loved the outfits these two were wearing, I had to shoot it from the front. But me being me, I had to ask for permission -it actually annoyed me seeing other people dashing out, almost putting their cameras into the participants faces as if they were there for their entertainment. No, I asked for permission, and I was rewarded with parade attendees stopping and showing off for me. I guess it is because I showed them the respect that they deserved. But you have to admire the outfits tho!

Now this group of ladies, as soon as I indicated that I wished to photograph them (again treating them with the proper dignity they deserve), they were happy to flaunt and show off, and that just got the crowd whooping with Joy.


Erm, now this was definitely not what I expected, but I guess horses for courses. Just after this group, I missed the young man walking behind the bystanders, wearing leather, with a leather puppy mask on being lead on a leash by his lady friend.

It was very evident that the parade goers were strictly abiding by the codes of decency, at least by the letter, hence the ladies with very obvious tape. Now as I recall it was a warm day back then, certainly not hot, but I did wonder how he got into that tight rubber suit and stayed cool (and hydrated - or was that the point?)

I had to dash over and hug these ladies, telling them we were from Austin Texas.

Actually I think they took a selfie with us...

And as they might say, while the parade wasn't quite over yet, she was near the end and certainly seemed to be limbering up her vocal chords ready to treat us to a good opera...

So to all my friends, whether you are in Vienna, Austin or somewhere else - here's to you all...

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Here for the Summer One of the activities I get to do each year is photograph the new crop of fresh faced interns for the program that my Wife Runs. It is always fun to watch these fresh faced youngsters arrive in Austin and then as the summer goes on, grow close together until the end of the program when its time to wrap up. As part of the wrap up, they get to travel to corporate headquarters (Wahoo) and present to the CEO (yikes) and as part of that preparation we take teams pictures. For the team pictures, I don't consider them to be interns, instead they are my client and I work with them accordingly to compose a team picture that truly sums up them as a team as well as the project that they worked on and presenting. And finally there is always the group photo, where again the focus is not about a staged/pose picture, but a photograph that captures the essence of the group.
Although this is the third year for the program, it was only last year that we decided to do group shots of them on the first day to capture that slightly awkward, not sure of each other or of Austin just yet, so that we can do a compare and contrast start of program to end of program.
We just finished doing the group pictures for the start of the 2017 program and it was fun actually trying to work with them on their first day.

The first group, it was "OK - show us just how existed you are to be in Austin!", that got an immediate reaction as you can see. Ultimately I had to merge 3 photos together because they were so active, no single picture was sufficient to show all 3 at their best, so why not take the best of each and bring them together (and yes she was able to jump that high).

For the second group I said "Well, that first group did well, hope you can match them?", "Nah, we're just gonna hang out and enjoy the warm evening, maybe get a beer afterwards" - can't argue with that.

The third group was a bit more of a challenge, a little more shy than the others perhaps, so moved them over to a different spot and tried to get them to relax "Come one now ... lets imagine we're taking a picture for an Album cover!", "What’s an Album cover?". Talk about feeling old...
Well once I got a picture that worked, I thought - why not play with the tones and saturation a little in order to turn it into an Album cover!

I liked that fact that dropping the saturation down, I got to the point where the only real hint of colour was found in the green dress, and in the red & white striped umbrella in the background. When desaturating like this, it is always a challenge to find the right balance between fading the colour and being dramatic, while not getting too washed out.

Hope you all like, and good luck - see you at the end of summer!

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Maker Faire - how does your garden grow. I love Austin Maker Faire. Its more than an "Arts and craft" fair, while there are vendors there, they are also about demonstrating and how to explore creative side. But essentially it is where all the geeks gather and get to show of their projects not only to each other, but to the general public in order to pass on that inspiration - and to fan the small spark of curiosity and imagination in a child into the flames of invention. Yes a bit poetic I know, but I just went with the flow. 

Anyway, the first time I was aware of Maker Faire coming to Austin, it was out at the Expo center, there was a man-sized even more complicated than the classic game version "mouse trap", actually this was one of the things that finally pushed me into getting a DSLR, because trying to photograph that elaborate contraption in action with a point-n-shoot was ... a waste of time.
They also had a demonstration of a full size Trebuchet (I kid you not), also some sort of battle-bots carnage, a series of Tesla coils tuned to 'play' music by fine tuning the frequency of the electric arcs flying between the coils.

But that was many years ago, now they have a smaller event down town, but with more focus of how to get involved, hobbyist and education. Among the Hobbyist was a drone flying club and Drone racing (think large battery operated mosquitoes, I will do a blog on that next).

But among the vendor's was an Artist from The Orkney Islands, Scotland. And in fact as soon as I spoke he knew which region in the UK I came from. He makes stunning metal garden sculptures - treating and heating the metal to create stunning iridescent colours on the surface. We had a pair of lizards of his from many years ago. He had a stunning 'bouquet' of 'flowers' with insects’ buzzing around. It was a photographic opportunity, requiring quite a bit of thought of what and how the capture their beauty. Hope you approve.

As I was studying the flowers wondering what the best way was to capture their Beauty, the Artist suggested using a Polarizing filter to reduce the glare. Why technically it would have reduced the reflective glare and even added more colour contrast, the fact was, I loved looking at them because of the iridescence from the scattered glare...


And yes, we bought the blue flower with amethyst above, as well as a may-fly with scintillating wings which are now sitting in our front yard by the fountain and the Fire-Ant sculpture!!!

If I find the artists Business card - I will certainly post the details...





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The unusual things to do in Austin TX: Help write a new Torah! Things to do in Austin TX: Go help write a new Torah!
On Sunday April 23, my wife spotted a little notice on one of the "things to do in Austin this weekend" websites - at the Dell Jewish Community Center they were transcribing a new Torah and the general public were invited to come and participate in the event and actually be part of the process by placing our hand on the scribes hand as she wrote out the next letter.

We love stumbling across these sort of events - one year when going for an evening stroll around our neighborhood for instance, we discovered that the local high school was, just for that evening, displaying one of the few remaining Broadsheets from July 1776 declaring Independence. BTW we celebrate July 4th, not because they declared independence on that day, but it was the day they collected the broadsheets from the printers and were able to distribute the message throughout the colonies. Those are the sort of activities that you run across in Austin and why we love it here.

But I digress, back to the Torah.

Altho there was an official photographer, I decided to take my new camera "just on the off chance". Naturally I asked permission to photograph and said I would be careful not to get in the way of the main photographer - the people were so wonderful, not only did they say that it was OK, they wanted me too - they wanted people to enjoy the experience as much as they wanted in whatever way it took.

When it came to our turn, the scribe, who was such a lovely warm young lady, but conveyed such wisdom, spent quite a few minutes explaining the whole process to my wife Marjean and I, telling us that once finished a Torah could be used for 200 years or so - that means in two centuries, someone will be reading the words we helped write.

And then the moment we had waited for, we each took a turn helping guide the scribes hand while she controlled the quill to delicately transcribe a letter or two onto the vellum. Marjean went first, she was so transfixed on what she was doing, she did not notice me take these candid pictures.

Out of respect for the space and the event itself, I only used the natural light within the temple, no flash - because the last thing I wanted to do was startle/distract the scribe.

This was such a wonderful experience and so glad we took the opportunity to join in... The scribe - she was such a wonderful person, so humble. As we left we were just giddy, almost in disbelief at what we had participated in. We just spent the rest of that Sunday in silence, because what can you do after that?

I admit I was reluctant to write this post, because I did not want to take advantage of the opportunity we had, but so many friends were amazed at what we did and loved the candid pictures I took so much, I felt it only fair to share. If you ever have the chance to participate in an event like this - do take it, it is such an wonderful and awe inspiring yet humbling activity..

But we do want to thank the Congregation Agudas Achim and the Dell Jewish Community Center for allowing us to share in the moment.

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A Victorian Flash Crowd for April Fools.. Believe me, the title is accurate.


Last Weekend we were in St Louis for a 1860’s period ‘ball’ and to meet up with some very dear friends of ours. Part of the planned event was a daytime activity so that folks could show of their daytime Victorian Garb, and an evening Ball where the real finery comes out on display. For this year, the St Louis Museum of Fine Art was hosting a Degas and Impressionist exhibit, and what better way to enjoy the exhibit than to have us in our daytime event and enjoy the exhibit in our period out-fits.


But seriously, at the time of planning, it did not occur to any that it was April Fools day, but once we realised the date, we just threw ourselves into the impromptu “Flash Crowd” in costume…

As a participant, I was immediately blown away by the whole scene of people from 1860's wandering past a young pair of punks, or the bemused look on the ladies face at what we were wearing (altho we were gossiping about her choice to wear leopard print).

I had to try and capture the moment somehow, and without disturbing the setup.

I know it is technically ‘wrong’ to be shooting a person from behind, but in this case doing so creates a wonderful ‘paradox’ as we wondered around in full 1860’s garb, mingling nonchalantly with the general public in 21st century clothing…
See the full gallery of pictures from that day, and if you were one of those confused souls in the St Louis Museum of Fine Art on Saturday April 1st, well now you know what was going on - and we hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did...

See the Gallery at Victorian April Fools Flash Crowd

To learn more about the event itself CivilWarLady

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Too Sexy for my (Deadpool) boxers... Well first off I need to apologize for being somewhat tardy in my blog posts, I had planned on writing this post a few days after Valentines day. A few folks liked the Valentines picture I had posted, and thank you for the feedback, but I must admit I did make several mistakes with it. Once I started processing it, I realized that I had made an error in my choice of backdrop, since I intended to create a faux oil painting - the issue being that that the background was too pale for the intended purpose. 

But every photographer makes mistakes even the pro's, but a good photographer will realize the mistake...

This week, I want to continue the Valentine's conversation and taking the picture from last time, which was a good concept, but I am a bit of a joker and so could not resist a little larking around, and in fact These are the TRUE Valentines Pictures I took that day.  Never one for the sentimental Valentines, I like to do something that makes folks say "That is so Chris", so while the "Hanging picture" is a good concept, it is these "behind the scenes" pictures, with the bright socks and ugly shiny red (Deadpool) boxers are what the photoshoot was really about.

I mean, we all wonder what the newscaster is wearing sitting behind the news desk - the same applies here, and yes when the nice formal picture was taken, I was just standing there in those outrageous boxers, but they were (thankfully) below the picture frame.

Hopefully this shows you my photography style and that I want to show off the real person - in this case it was me...

And by the way, I don't know why, but it was difficult finding red boxers this year for Valentines, but in the end, those "Deadpool" shorts were so outrageous, they were perfect...

I hope you enjoy these picture as much as my wife Marjean does..


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Be My Valentine Happy Valentines Day everyone.

When I was growing up there was not much of a deal around Valentines Day, this was in the UK in the 1970's so that may be as good an explanation as any.
The only "Valentines Day" thing we ever did in Junior School (erm, I think that is K thru 7th grade? None of this modern stuff thank you).  Anyway, all of us in class had to make a card (Crayons, Tissue Paper, etc, we were just 8 years old at that point) and when we were all done, we handed our artesanal hand crafted card to someone in the class. By the way, far more boys than girls in my class, so some girls collected quite a few cards, while many of us boys got nothing. 
And that is about the total sum of my Valentines Experience growing up and Living in the UK. 
But now, I am into the full experience, give me the cards, the chocolates, the scented candles, the whole works ... Also Valentines is ripe for Romantic jokes - I'm a bit of a practical joker, and that includes the time I stuck a valentines card to the outside of the kitchen window - a card to our cat from the neighbours cat...
So this year I have decided that since I hand a studio booked and a bit of spare time, I would do a Valentines Photo of myself.
Now you might be thinking that I did something risque, but no, I wanted to do something for my supportive wife Marjean, as well as take the opportunity to show off being creative and whimsical.
So this is my gift to my wife and I hope you all appreciate it - would love to hear from you all...

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Capturing the joy of the moment. When working with Josh and Ethan for their shoot, I wanted to show "them" and by that I mean I wanted to capture the brotherly love that these two had for each other. Working with them was ideal, because doing a 'normal' by-the-numbers shoot would not do them justice, yes I could capture their likeness and make their parents proud, but I want to produce a set of Photographs that when they look back in 10, 20 or even 30 years time at these photo's, I want them to laugh, I want them to remember not just that day, but I want to show what they were like as a pair of rambunctious 19 year old twin boys.
The only photos that would do them justice would be ones that truly captured the moment and their joyful love of life.
Certainly not a simple challenge, but then that is how I approach all my photography. Anyone can photograph a family in a standard 'pose', but photographing family members, to truly capture them - that is what I strive to do and is what I enjoy most about photography.
And that is what I would do for anyone I work with. The look on their faces when they saw the pictures, that was worth the hard work. Isn't that what you deserve as well?

So I ask you, what's it going to be: Standard pose - or capture the moment, its your choice...

See the full gallery featuring these two young men The Rambunctious Twins

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Fun with Twins and treating them equally Fun with twins - I know what you are thinking, but no. I mean fun doing a photoshoot with twins and the challenge to ensure that photographs featuring them together, that they get equal "Billing". This 'fairness' comes from being the youngest (and introverted) child with older (and 'extroverted' / 'alpha male' type) older brothers and feeling like I was always being over shadowed by them. With twins, whether Identical or Fraternal, the comparison pressure is going to be worse and in their late teens they are beginning to assert their own independence and sense of individuality, so treating them equally is not only fair, but a show of respect for them as individuals and as people.

With these boys, Josh & Ethan, we got a couple of great staggered profile pictures with the faces barely illuminated. The pictures came out great, but because they were sitting next to each other almost along my line of sight, one twin is going to be closer to the camera, while the other is better lit. I took several pictures, had them swap positions - but when it came to work out which to post, I knew I had to treat them fairly, but how when one will be in the foreground, while the other is better illuminated? Answer: I used two pictures, one of each of them in the foreground and combined them into a single picture. Now all they get to argue over which of them is on the left and who is on the right.

That level of fairness and desire to treat siblings with equal regard, may have come about because of my upbringing, but it gave me a keen sense to always ensure that siblings; whether twins or a large age gap, young boys or middle-aged adults; that they are shown to have equal standing. And that is what I would bring to you when photographing your family.


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Here's to a happy and successful 2017 Now that we have 2016 well and truly behind us, here's to a happy and successful 2017 to you all from Chris Fieldhouse Photography.

I do love Christmas Trees, and in Austin I love to see the "Feral" Christmas Trees appear as people go out and decorate the trees along the highways, TX-360 north being a traditional favourite. I do not know when or how it started, but for a long time they were discouraged, until one year where due to cut-backs Austin was not able to budget for decorations and so gave their blessing to the the Feral Christmas Trees (I know that is not what they are called, but I like the phrase). 

Talking of feral, we have been slowly adopting a semi-feral cat, encouraging her into the house, and when she curled up under the Christmas Tree, how could I resist. I hope you all enjoy.


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The Bifrost Bridge over Alaska This past summer we were fortunate enough to go on, what are now being called "Boutique Cruise" thru the inside passage of Alaska. We want to say first off, this was one of (if not THE) best vacation we had ever taken. It was with the company and basically if you are ever considering taking a cruise in Alaska, don't go on one of the floating Hotel/Malls, take a Boutique Cruise. Now when you look at the prices, they may seem steep, but its a cruise, its an experience. besides its all inclusive, meals, excursions, glacial ice for your Gin and Tonics.

Anyway one night near the end of our one week trip, we were ascending to our cabin and as we did every evening check the sky and as always clear and starry. But then we noticed a green glow starting up to the south, I dashed to fetch my camera (I had no idea how to capture them), while my wife went to wake up the other passengers.

What we witnessed was a 2 hour light show of utter stunning beauty. The whole sky from the horizon to over head was on fire. When we arrived in port two days later, it was still on the news as one of the best Northern Light shows for several years.

I present to you: "The Bifrost bridge over Alaska". Chris Fieldhouse

Bifrost bridge in Alaska

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Almost done - go check out my 52-Week Photo Challenge gallery... Hello all, 

My webpage is just about ready to go live and I am just finishing up adding a gallery of photos from a 52 week challenge. The pictures here are not commercial, but are part of a creativity challenge, and so should show you just how I work and view things. It demonstrates what I find interesting and where I find beauty in the oddest of places. This picture is from the Boston Museum of Fine art..

Click on the picture and it should take you to the "52 week Challenge" Gallery.

Week 30 - PatternsWeek 30 - PatternsI love reflective and recursive patterns  Chris...

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Welcome everyone to my webpage, sorry for the construction mess going on around here, its probably wise to wear your hardhats for the moment.

I have decided that I really should have a proper page, not just to showcase my work, such as landscapes and nature so that if you really like those pictures of the Northern Lights, or those Humpback whales of the California coast, etc. then this is where you can buy them.

But I also wanted a site to show off my portraiture work, especially some of the fun experimental stuff I do. So if you interested in shooting with me, then why are you waiting, I am just an email away!

So hopefully the construction won't take too long, but do check back periodically...

Regards Chris Fieldhouse

       Chris Fieldhouse PhotographyChris Fieldhouse Photography


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