Chris Fieldhouse Photography. | The Bifrost Bridge over Alaska

The Bifrost Bridge over Alaska

December 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This past summer we were fortunate enough to go on, what are now being called "Boutique Cruise" thru the inside passage of Alaska. We want to say first off, this was one of (if not THE) best vacation we had ever taken. It was with the company and basically if you are ever considering taking a cruise in Alaska, don't go on one of the floating Hotel/Malls, take a Boutique Cruise. Now when you look at the prices, they may seem steep, but its a cruise, its an experience. besides its all inclusive, meals, excursions, glacial ice for your Gin and Tonics.

Anyway one night near the end of our one week trip, we were ascending to our cabin and as we did every evening check the sky and as always clear and starry. But then we noticed a green glow starting up to the south, I dashed to fetch my camera (I had no idea how to capture them), while my wife went to wake up the other passengers.

What we witnessed was a 2 hour light show of utter stunning beauty. The whole sky from the horizon to over head was on fire. When we arrived in port two days later, it was still on the news as one of the best Northern Light shows for several years.

I present to you: "The Bifrost bridge over Alaska". Chris Fieldhouse

Bifrost bridge in Alaska


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