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Fun with Twins and treating them equally

January 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Fun with twins - I know what you are thinking, but no. I mean fun doing a photoshoot with twins and the challenge to ensure that photographs featuring them together, that they get equal "Billing". This 'fairness' comes from being the youngest (and introverted) child with older (and 'extroverted' / 'alpha male' type) older brothers and feeling like I was always being over shadowed by them. With twins, whether Identical or Fraternal, the comparison pressure is going to be worse and in their late teens they are beginning to assert their own independence and sense of individuality, so treating them equally is not only fair, but a show of respect for them as individuals and as people.

With these boys, Josh & Ethan, we got a couple of great staggered profile pictures with the faces barely illuminated. The pictures came out great, but because they were sitting next to each other almost along my line of sight, one twin is going to be closer to the camera, while the other is better lit. I took several pictures, had them swap positions - but when it came to work out which to post, I knew I had to treat them fairly, but how when one will be in the foreground, while the other is better illuminated? Answer: I used two pictures, one of each of them in the foreground and combined them into a single picture. Now all they get to argue over which of them is on the left and who is on the right.

That level of fairness and desire to treat siblings with equal regard, may have come about because of my upbringing, but it gave me a keen sense to always ensure that siblings; whether twins or a large age gap, young boys or middle-aged adults; that they are shown to have equal standing. And that is what I would bring to you when photographing your family.



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