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Be My Valentine

February 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

When I was growing up there was not much of a deal around Valentines Day, this was in the UK in the 1970's so that may be as good an explanation as any.
The only "Valentines Day" thing we ever did in Junior School (erm, I think that is K thru 7th grade? None of this modern stuff thank you).  Anyway, all of us in class had to make a card (Crayons, Tissue Paper, etc, we were just 8 years old at that point) and when we were all done, we handed our artesanal hand crafted card to someone in the class. By the way, far more boys than girls in my class, so some girls collected quite a few cards, while many of us boys got nothing. 
And that is about the total sum of my Valentines Experience growing up and Living in the UK. 
But now, I am into the full experience, give me the cards, the chocolates, the scented candles, the whole works ... Also Valentines is ripe for Romantic jokes - I'm a bit of a practical joker, and that includes the time I stuck a valentines card to the outside of the kitchen window - a card to our cat from the neighbours cat...
So this year I have decided that since I hand a studio booked and a bit of spare time, I would do a Valentines Photo of myself.
Now you might be thinking that I did something risque, but no, I wanted to do something for my supportive wife Marjean, as well as take the opportunity to show off being creative and whimsical.
So this is my gift to my wife and I hope you all appreciate it - would love to hear from you all...


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