Chris Fieldhouse Photography. | A Victorian Flash Crowd for April Fools..

A Victorian Flash Crowd for April Fools..

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Believe me, the title is accurate.


Last Weekend we were in St Louis for a 1860’s period ‘ball’ and to meet up with some very dear friends of ours. Part of the planned event was a daytime activity so that folks could show of their daytime Victorian Garb, and an evening Ball where the real finery comes out on display. For this year, the St Louis Museum of Fine Art was hosting a Degas and Impressionist exhibit, and what better way to enjoy the exhibit than to have us in our daytime event and enjoy the exhibit in our period out-fits.


But seriously, at the time of planning, it did not occur to any that it was April Fools day, but once we realised the date, we just threw ourselves into the impromptu “Flash Crowd” in costume…

As a participant, I was immediately blown away by the whole scene of people from 1860's wandering past a young pair of punks, or the bemused look on the ladies face at what we were wearing (altho we were gossiping about her choice to wear leopard print).

I had to try and capture the moment somehow, and without disturbing the setup.

I know it is technically ‘wrong’ to be shooting a person from behind, but in this case doing so creates a wonderful ‘paradox’ as we wondered around in full 1860’s garb, mingling nonchalantly with the general public in 21st century clothing…
See the full gallery of pictures from that day, and if you were one of those confused souls in the St Louis Museum of Fine Art on Saturday April 1st, well now you know what was going on - and we hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did...

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