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Gay Pride-Vienna 2014

June 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This is Gay-Pride month where many cities around the world celebrate inclusiveness and collectively thumb their noses at ... well, no need to go there I guess, lest I offend.

Anyway, for one reason or another I have never been to a Gay Pride Parade - I don't actually recall seeing any or whether there were any during the time I lived in London or Oslo, and for the longest time the Austin Gay-Pride was always scheduled the same weekend as the Texas Bikers Rally and in the heat of summer (what was really surprising was there were never any altercations between the two groups... but that's Austin for you, plus summer is really just too darn hot to altercate in)

Anyway, back in 2014 I was turning *mumble* *mumble* *mumble* and to celebrate my birthday, we were going to Vienna, in June. And one day, when out exploring the city (I had only owned my Canon DSLR for a year at that point), the city centre was closed off to traffic for Gay pride.
All I can say is that those Austrians certainly know how to celebrate and it was definitely an eye-opener. This was also my first opportunity at doing Street Journalism.

And so for all my LGBT friends out there, here is my homage to you all, Vienna 2014! CHEERS...

This lady was at the front of the parade, literally leading the charge, and no matter what you may think, you cannot deny the poise and elegance, that she conveys. That's when I realised that I couldn't possibly miss this.

At this point, I was still only using the kit lenses that came with the camera, it would be a year or two before investing in some good lenses, but looking back I can see the challenges with picture quality. However I did not touch up those colours in any way, they were truly that brightly painted, they looked amazing ... and they knew it!

Up to this point I had politely stood on the sidewalk, but I so loved the outfits these two were wearing, I had to shoot it from the front. But me being me, I had to ask for permission -it actually annoyed me seeing other people dashing out, almost putting their cameras into the participants faces as if they were there for their entertainment. No, I asked for permission, and I was rewarded with parade attendees stopping and showing off for me. I guess it is because I showed them the respect that they deserved. But you have to admire the outfits tho!

Now this group of ladies, as soon as I indicated that I wished to photograph them (again treating them with the proper dignity they deserve), they were happy to flaunt and show off, and that just got the crowd whooping with Joy.


Erm, now this was definitely not what I expected, but I guess horses for courses. Just after this group, I missed the young man walking behind the bystanders, wearing leather, with a leather puppy mask on being lead on a leash by his lady friend.

It was very evident that the parade goers were strictly abiding by the codes of decency, at least by the letter, hence the ladies with very obvious tape. Now as I recall it was a warm day back then, certainly not hot, but I did wonder how he got into that tight rubber suit and stayed cool (and hydrated - or was that the point?)

I had to dash over and hug these ladies, telling them we were from Austin Texas.

Actually I think they took a selfie with us...

And as they might say, while the parade wasn't quite over yet, she was near the end and certainly seemed to be limbering up her vocal chords ready to treat us to a good opera...

So to all my friends, whether you are in Vienna, Austin or somewhere else - here's to you all...


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