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Trying out a new Studio in South Austin

June 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Now, while I can have clients come over to my humble (and somewhat cluttered) abode for a photoshoot, we do not have a dedicated space that allows us to get truly creative. Yes, we can handle family shoots, headshoots/portraits and boudoir, but for something really elaborate, to really push the skills a studio would be nice.

And finding a suitable studio, especially one that is easy to get too, and provides a level of 'comfort' for the client as well as inspire to do new and unusual things can be darn difficult. Yes, we have a few studios in Austin but each will meet 2 out of the 3 requirements. Yes, its conveniently located, yes brilliant lighting setup ... not sure I would be comfortable taking a client there, or an amazing space, client would love it ... its where exactly!?!? But thats halfway to the next state (or so it would feel like).

Anyway, I was excited when I saw on Facebook earlier in the year a new studio open up on the south side of town. well I'm on the North side, but then again, I did work and commute in London for a few years and this place is actually within the city limits, so thats no big deal. So, wanted to check it out, arranged with a model some quite elaborate ideas of what we wanted to do, a few emails later with the Studio Manager and BAM!! All booked.

Now I only decided to do a blog post at the last moment and would need some quick pictures, so please forgive me, I had to flick it over to creative, purely for convenience...

At the moment, they are still building up their equipment, but they had more than I needed for my crazy brain to work with.

Now first off, they have a variety of lighting equipment, a full range of power, configured for controllers as well as slave mode, so if I wanted to use every available light in the place to mimic the flash of a nuclear explosion, I guess I could. I was going to be doing some high key work, so it was tempting to rig them all up...

Now they are building up a nice collection of furniture pieces, ranges from a rather nice antique coffee table, a chaise-lounge, even a bath tub, all available for an extra charge. But today, nope got my own stuff.

A comfortable changing room with half-bath. Yes, that would certainly make a client happy.

Now this is what I was really here to try out, that awesome white infinity wall. They have a grey one too and they currently are installing a backdrop system. This is Adam McCombs doing an impromptu modelling of the space for me. Adam and his wife Esther Lee are the owners of the new studio.

But it was that white infinity wall I wanted to play with, and as you can see I didn't wait for the model to arrive before trying it out. My picture frame, easily hung it up and deliberately left it askew.


In the end, we had such fun there, that after 3 hours, and 900 photos, we were exhausted, but we did so much. So much of what we did was experimental (well for me anyway), we just had a blast. Now I have to review and edit those 900+ photographs

So check them out.
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