Chris Fieldhouse Photography. | Boudoir for Gentlemen

This is my story that I am sharing with you- For most of my life I was not in the best of shape. I had tried various ways to get into shape, or at least acceptable and more healthy and the efforts never latest. But in 2016 started something new and for once it seemed to work. Once I hit a certain goal, I wanted to reward, not just myself, but also my wife who was a motivating force - so while she was on a business trip, I booked myself a Male Boudoir session


"Boudoir for the Gentleman" or "DuDoir" for short, will be a unique experience for each individual. As with all of our shoots, the style and feel of each shoot, and especially our 'DuDoir' shoots are tailored to the individual. For a very muscular gentlemen with large stature, who is very confident in himself then we would look into some hi contrast work and low key to bring out body definition. Hey if built like a Greek god, we can go in that direction.

Whereas for more slight built guys, more subtle, intimate even suggestive poses such as laying down looking suggestive. Someone who is a good dancer and energetic, well that opens up a whole box of options...

We want to know your goals, what brought you to wanting a DuDoir session. What is it you enjoy & lets see what we can incorporate. Basically, we don't offer a set "menu" of poses, we want to work with you, bring out the best in you, its a chance to try something you might not normally dare do. And we have learnt from our clients!

Its about you having fun and feeling good about yourself.
We did two shoots with Evan, but it was the first that was at an apartment that is important here, because these photos show how we can utilise a clients space - a space that the client is familiar with and comfortable in. We used the features of the apartment and as much natural light as possible to create subtle images.

So that is what this is all about, you don't have to be young, muscled & toned to do DuDoir - just a desire to have a go.


Some basic things for you to know.

  1. You as the client are in control.
  2. More than in control - you decide what we do and do not do
    While as the photographer, I may make 'suggestions' and guide you during a shoot, we will never 'tell' you what to do
  3. We will only go as far as you are comfortable.
    If you only wish to go down to you pants and underwear, out of modesty - that is fine.
    Some gentleman go for "implied" nudity, so we may see that they are naked, but because of the angels, nothing is shown and modesty is preserved. A strategically held towel, or a slightly open Kimono robe, everything is implied or teased.
    Or you may go all the way.
    You may not know until the shoot itself...
  4. Even professional models are nervous at the start of a shoot like this, even if they are experienced with the photographer.


This set of images is from my first shoot with Evan, so neither of us were familiar with each other, but it does demonstrate the natural progression during a Gentleman's Boudoir shoot. Each stage of undressing, should be fun, enjoyable and playful.
Starting a Dudoir shoot in Business casual can be fun, because it provides a picture that you can use anywhere - yet only you know that it was part of a Dudoir shoot...  
Natural light.Natural light.