"Boudoir for the Gentleman" or "DuDoir" for short, will be a unique experience for each individual. As with all of our shoots, the style and feel of each 'DuDoir' shoot is tailored to the individual. For a very muscular gentlemen with large stature, who is very confident in himself then we would look into some hi contrast work and low key to bring out body definition. Hey if built like a Greek god, we can go in that direction.

For more slight built guys, then more subtle, intimate even suggestive poses such as laying down looking suggestive even embarrassed is very sexy. Someone who is a good dancer and energetic, well that opens up a whole box of options...

For someone older and more rugged, how about a velvet robe and glass of Whisky for that "refined gentleman" look, or even a tux with tie and top shirt button undone.

No matter your body type, there is more about you that is sexy than you realise, and that is what our DuDoir is all about.
We want to know your goals, what brought you to wanting a DuDoir session. What is it you enjoy & lets see what we can incorporate.

Basically, we don't offer a set "menu" of poses, we want to work with you, bring out the best in you, its a chance to try something you might not normally dare do.
Its about you having fun and feeling good about yourself.

And we will only go as far as you want or are comfortable.

The Galleries here feature very different models.

And yes, I have been on the other side of the camera for a "DuDoir" shoot. I had been working to get in shape and set myself a goal (which I had not been at for over 20 year) - and when I reached that goal, I wanted to celebrate and capture the moment, also as a present for my wife...
And you will find some of my pictures here, but I am somewhat more modest for most of them to be public.