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Some of the pictures from my own DuDoir shoot, reproduced here with permission of the photographer.

Why am I displaying photos of myself by another photographer?
Believe me, its not vanity, but it is to show that absolutely anyone can do a DuDoir shoot. I was fortunate to find a great photographer who wanted to understand my journey and what bought me to the decision to have a shoot done.
But it also means that you know that when doing a shoot with me, I know exactly what it is like - and yes I needed that drink during the shoot to calm my nerves. So yes you can trust me, because I've been there!

As you can see I am a little more shy and modest about publically showing my images than my models, but I can tell you, Once loosened up I had no problems in the studio and my wife absolutely loves the pictures.

I wish to thank Pablo Pequeno for this awesome experience.

And yes, this is where the main image of me comes from.