We did two shoots with Evan, the first was at an apartment. This shows how we can utilise your space if that is where you are more comfortable. For this first shoot, it was a nice warm spring day and we wanted to capture more relaxing poses, almost coy & shy. We used the features of the aprtment and as much natural light as possible to create subtle images.
For the second shoot, I wanted to try out a new studio.
Evan was in an adventurous mood and wanted to play with some of the props such as the hanging frame, the leather cord etc.

Everytime I do a shoot with a new person, I like to take one of the photos and manipulate it to create mythical or psuedo fantasy image.
For Evan, his mythical creature is still a work in progress, but his lithe body and the way he danced and moved while playing with the faux barbed wire, has inspired me to about a very dark "puck" from 'A Midsummers Night Dream'.
The First image I have for Evan uses the way he dances, his fluid movement, I was inspired by the concept of "Peter Pan" and merged two images. The main image of Evan from one picture and a very dramatic shadow from another...
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